Connectives in Swahili

What are the Swahili connecting words?

Connectives are used to connect or link words in a language. The following are some of the Swahili connectives with their English equivalents in the brackets:

na (and)

au (or)

ilhali (whereas)

badala ya (instead of)

kana kwamba (as if/as though)   

pia (also)

iwapo (if)

licha ya (despite)

dhidi ya (against)

bila (without)

japo, japokuwa (even though)

lakini (but)

ingawa (although)

hata hivyo (however)

aidha (also)

wala (nor)

ili (so as or in order to)

madhali (provided that)

basi, hivyo basi (thus)

hivyo, kwa hiyo   (so)

kwa hiyo (therefore)

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