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A dedicated team of language experts works to ensure your message is delivered accurately.

At Swahili Magnet we get you. You need reliable translation, transcription, proofreading, or editing services to offer an efficient turnaround time and ultimately ensure your message is delivered to your target audience. 

Efficient Website Translation Services:

Have your website fully translated into a local or international language with our Efficient Website Translation Services. Within a quick turnaround time, you will have a translated website that will engage a wider audience and allow you to expand into the global market. Through our use of state-of-the-art digital technology, it is easy and efficient for you to have your entire website translated

Professional Document Translation:

Swahili Magnet offers Professional Document Translation Services. Your documents will be speedily translated into your desired local or international language. Across Tanzania and beyond, our clients love our high-quality document translation services due to our reliability and short turnaround time. You can get an obligation-free quote for our document translation service within minutes.

Professional Financial Translation Services:

Swahili Magnet provides Professional Financial Translation Services for both local and international languages. With our accurately translated financial documents, we have assisted banking institutions, insurance companies, accounting firms, stock brokerages, and investment firms engage international clients. Bridging linguistic and cultural barriers in your financial business is easy with Swahili Magnet financial translation services.

Fast Marketing Translation Services:

Engage your international target market with Swahili Magnet Fast Marketing Translation Services. From billboards to mailing campaigns to your website, we will efficiently translate any of your marketing or advertising materials to your selected local or international language. Deliver your brand’s message clearly and accurately to a global audience with our translation services for marketing and advertising.

Our Services

At Swahili Magnet, we have experienced and trusted language experts to help you succeed with your next project. Please refer to our specific language-related services below:

Translation Services

Our expert translators have a wide range of technical expertise and can always be relied on for timeous, excellent, and accurate translations to ensure your success!

Transcription Services

We have a skilled team of transcribers and can accurately transcribe audio and video files in various formats for you so that your message is accurately delivered!

Editing Services

We have several excellent editors and boast track records at some of the country’s foremost publications and publishing houses to ensure your publication is of the highest standard.

Proofreading Services

We have several excellent proofreaders and boast track records at some of the country’s foremost publications and publishing houses to ensure your publication is perfect!

Interpreting Services

We have a skilled team of interpreters and can accurately interpret in any language for you so that your message is accurately delivered! Ensure the other party understands you!

Swahili Courses

Our teachers have qualifications, and university lecturers manage our team with MA degrees in languages to ensure we offer the best possible Swahili lnguage services!

How Do I Find a Good Translator?

A good translator is adept at the target language and the associated culture, as well as proficient in the technical terminology and content of the document. With us, you can quickly and effortlessly find good translators for your translation requirements. Swahili Magnets are reliable and trusted for their accurate translations based on their post-graduate qualifications, being currently active in their selected field, and their command of their selected language/s.

Jannet Lyatuu

Swahili Tutor

Deodatus Edward

Language Transcriber

William Chazega

Language Translator

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