How do we say the verb ‘to have’ in Swahili?

The verb ‘to have’ conjugations in Swahili

‘Have’ is –na in Swahili

Positive                                                  Negative  

I have a watch.                              I don’t have a watch                    

(mimi) nina saa.                             (mimi) sina saa.

We have an umbrella.                 We don’t have an umbrella

(sisi) tuna mwamvuli.                   (sisi) hatuna mwamvuli

You (singular) have a farm.        You don’t have a farm

(wewe) una shamba.                   (wewe) hauna shamba

You (plural) have a ball.                You don’t have a ball

(nyinyi) mna mpira.                      (nyinyi) hamna mpira

He has a car.                                  He doesn’t have a car.

(yeye) ana gari.                             (yeye) hana gari.

They have a phone.                      They don’t have a phone.

(wao) wana mpira.                       (wao) hawana gari.

Note: ni- is for I, tu- for we, u- for you (s), m- for you (pl), a- for he, she or it, wa- for they.

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